Our Services

Natna Inc. is proud to serve you with its door-to-door transportation, brokerage and warehousing services. We have believed that it’s the quality of service that earns a business its true value. We are reliable, dependable and responsible – these are the values for which our customers continue to return to us. As you form a business relationship with us you will realize that our level of service and customer support is consistent throughout our range of services. We strive to be the industry leaders in following services.

Freight Brokerage

We like to extend our hands to the industry’s best motor carriers. We believe a successful business is founded on quality services to the customers and assume that you share our vision. By forming a huge network of transporters, we believe we can create a big opportunity for you to extend your services. By sharing the same vision and providing only high quality services, we aim to be the industry leading freight transportation company along with you.

With our active network of shippers, we make sure that your trucks and vehicles are always on the move. When we designed our services, we had you in mind. This is why we made sure to offer the most competitive prices in the industry. This keeps the shippers coming and your trucks moving. We serve a wide variety of shipment and so you can be a part of our team if you have any of these modes of transportation available:

  • Heavy hauling vehicles
  • Flatbed
  • Intermodal
  • Dry vans
  • Temperature controlled transportation
  • LTL – less than truckload

So, register with us with our easy signup process to help with transportation and expand your business.

Freight Shipping

With a wide network of industry’s most experienced motor carriers, we can serve your business no matter what your needs are. It does not matter which part of Nevada you need your freight to be delivered, with our trucks and trailers on the roads of Nevada at any given moment, we can make fast and on-time deliveries. We possess all the necessary licenses and certifications to ensure your freight is in safe hands, and that any chances of something going wrong with it are close to none. Here’s why you should use our network of carriers for your shipments.

  • We offer heavy hauling, flatbed, temperature controlled, dry van etc. shipments.
  • We can help you with expedited shipments.
  • We give you access to your shipments through a high-tech tracking system.
  • We use only the most reliable and dependable carriers in the industry.

With a reliable tracking system and long-term stable rates, we know you will always return to us for all your future logistics needs.